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Use your voice to change the story

Thank you for choosing to tell your story in audio form. What do you wish your professors knew? Your college President? Use this form to submit your audio recording and join the movement. If you’re not comfortable recording, feel free to write your story and send it to us as well.

If you have trouble submitting send an email to:

Students can also email their submissions via air drop.


  • Students should share a personal story that aligns with these guidelines
  • Students are limited to one submission only. Additional entries will not be accepted.
  • Audio submissions should be between 3 minutes and 8 minutes in length, and written submissions should be 3-5 pages double spaced.
  • Audio must be in .MP3 format.
  • If you choose to write your story, all guidelines still apply. The story should be between 200 and 600 words and the file can be in any of the following file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, or .rtf.
  • Students should start by sharing their first name, state, zip code, and college name when they submit
  • When telling their story, students should avoid using other peoples’ names. Talk about who they are rather than naming them (e.g. my mom, not Sara Jones).
  • The deadline to submit applications is December 1, 2018.

New to audio recording? Here are some tips.

  • If you can access professional recording equipment please take advantage. Your campus radio station might be a good resource.
  • If you are using a smartphone, place it on airplane mode to avoid incoming calls and messaging interruptions.
  • Record audio in a quiet area free of noise and distractions.
  • Plug in an external mic if available.
  • Download Audio Recorder by Sony for crisper and more clear vocals (free app).
  • Start recording by stating your first name, college name, city, state, and zip code where you live.
  • *Example: “My name is Terrence and I’m a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and my ZIP code 19116. This is my story. As a first-generation college student, single dad and former foster care youth I…”

What happens with submissions?

  • All submissions will be heard by people engaged in action and advocacy in education, including students, faculty, policymakers, and other advocates for change.
  • All submissions will be included in an online open-source library that can be accessed by the public for educational and advocacy purposes.
  • Most submissions will be integrated into trainings that will inform the decisions of faculty, college administration, and policymakers.
  • Some submissions will be selected to be animated to be part of a video blog series on the #RealCollege experience in 2019.
  • Some students will be invited to join other action-oriented people to share their story in person at the #RealCollege Convening in Philadelphia on September 29-30, 2018 (travel expenses will be covered).
  • Some students will be invited to share their stories with policymakers in Washington D.C.

Ineligible submissions

A submission will be considered ineligible if it contains any of the following:

  • Hate speech or depictions directed at others (but if a student sees or experiences hate speech and chooses to make this part of their submission that is considered eligible)
  • Graphic violence
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Depictions of drug or alcohol that glorify its use or abuse
  • Naming people who have not given permission to be used in the story. Other people should be identified by the relationship, such as “my professor” or “my aunt.”
  • Inaccurate portrayals, dishonest content or plagiarism

I confirm that I am sharing my own story as a student and am adhering to the guidelines of #RealCollege: Voices for Change. I understand that my submission may be deemed ineligible if I do not follow the guidelines or if I am misrepresenting myself or others.

By submitting I agree that my audio recording may be made public through Creative Commons for purposes of education and advocacy.
For more information on what this means click here.

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