Boston #Realathon

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Boston Students #Realathon at Bunker Hill Community College– May 10, 4-6pm

Speak up. Speak out. Tell your story.

We’re hosting a live event in Boston focused on telling the real story of college students today. The event will feature current students discussing the reality of college today – how they’ve overcome, and sometimes failed, in the face of academics, homelessness, food insecurity, and a growing list of responsibilities. We invite students from the community to come join us to share their own story.

All college students in Boston and the surrounding area are welcome. The event is free (including parking), and we will have food for all, with registration required. The first 50 students to come will get a $25 Amazon gift card. Register here to attend.

In the room

Our event will involve not just the students, but those with power to change how the higher education systems work. Professor Roberto Gonzales, a DACA activist and researcher who has dispelled a lot of myths about Dreamers, will be there. So will Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab, who has told everyone from Trevor Noah to the United States Congress that students need and deserve more support. Recent college graduate Mary Baxter will also be there to share her story as a returning citizen, artist, and formerly homeless mother who completed her community college degree while also working with people like Van Jones and Common.    From funders to school administrators, we’ll be facilitating real conversation to make sure student’s stories are heard.

Collaboratively, we’ll capture our messages for those not in the room who need to hear these stories. What do you want your senator to know about the growing cost of college? Your college president? We’re working to make sure the conversation goes beyond this room and drives real change on college campuses.

Follow through

This event is part of our #RealCollege: Voices of Change call to action. We are inviting students to submit their story in audio or written format to create change that makes life better for them and students who come after. We want to hear your story. Stories will be used to further support for changes that make policies and institutions more student-centered.. Some selected students who share their stories will also get a paid trip to participate in the #RealCollege Convening in Philadelphia, or speak with policymakers in Washington, D.C.

Register for free here:

LOCATION: Bunker Hill Community College – Health and Wellness Center Gymnasium – 250 New Rutherford Avenue, Boston, MA 02129.

For directions click here.

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