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Students know what it’s like when college doesn’t work out as planned.  Life, logistics, and money often get in the way.  

Some students are living it and just trying to survive.  Other students are creating programs and plans to help. Some amazing people are doing both!

You are the voices America needs to hear from.

It’s time to speak up and speak out. #Voices4Change is for you.

Students who speak up are more likely to find the help they need.  When people listen to students, they make better policies and design better programs.  Your story matters.

Check out these students told their stories to the Chronicle of Higher Ed.


Hungry to Learn - the Chronicle of Higher Education

Then take a look at the incredible student activists featured by Teen Vogue.


It’s your turn.  Go here to share your story.

Be part of the movement

Read about how to share your story here.

By submitting, you’re agreeing to have your story included in an open-source audio library that can be accessed by the public for educational and advocacy purposes and utilized on social media by advocates fighting for #RealCollege students.

The people behind #RealCollege have been advocating for students needs for years. From big publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post, to national audiences like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, #RealCollege has a platform. We want your voice to be the focus.

Sara Goldrick-Rab and Trevor Noah


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