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Students enduring #RealCollege challenges live with them every day. When they lend their voices and stories to the movement, they contribute to broader solutions but their daily struggles often persist. Stories don’t feed you, and in recognition of this, we at the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice seek to do whatever we can to ensure that the students we work with have what they need to live.

How We Help

Mary Baxter’s wonderful documentary about her life with her son was paid for by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, and she subsequently obtained a position with us during the 2017-2018 academic year where she shaped the #Voices4Change campaign. Sarah Levine’s important role speaking out in multiple media venues ( see here and here),  testifying on Capitol Hill, and helping create the Temple food pantry was part of her role as a work-study student and then a full-time employee with us.

Justice and Shaquara

Justice Butler and Shaquara Peters are also supporting our work in important ways. Justice shared her music and her story at our #RealCollege conference in 2017, and subsequently spoke alongside Sara Goldrick-Rab at the #RealHCC conference in Houston. She also supports our research study of food scholarships at Houston Community College.

Shaquara Peters is telling her story in a documentary being put together by Starfish Media, and she supported Sara’s recent appearances at Lehman College and allowed her story to be shared in Sara’s talk at the New York Times Higher Ed Forum.

Both Justice and Shaquara are currently struggling to secure housing. We are therefore very proud to both support and share their GoFundMe campaigns. We have contributed to both and hope you will do the same. If you can do more, and have affordable housing opportunities to offer in Houston or the Bronx, please let us know. Thanks.


Justice’s GoFundMe

Shaquara’s GoFundMe

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  1. #RealCollege and Sara Goldrick Rab are Heaven Sent. I now know real Earth Angel’s exist among us. Bless you all!

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